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Frequently Asked Questions

  • If we missed a class, can we make up a class on another day?"
    When you sign up for a full session, you receive 3 makeups that can be used for any Little Musicians and/or Canta Conmigo class at any location throughout that particular session. Please note: Make-ups do not roll over to future sessions and are only for students that are registered for the full session (they do not apply to drop-ins). To schedule a make up please email us at:
  • Can we drop into a class?
    Although we really encourage families to sign up for the full session for their little ones to become comfortable with the group setting and get the most out of our curriculum, drop-ins are allowed, provided there is room. Sign up for a drop-in class HERE.
  • If my baby is only a few months old, can I sign him/her up?"
    Absolutely! Our classes incorporate activities geared towards the younger ones and their specific music development. And when attending one of our mixed-age class, they benefit enormously from the interaction with the older ones! We have so many little ones that start their music journey at A Sound Start with only a few months of age and stay with us through the years and grow in the class, it is something wonderful to witness!
  • Do you prorate the sessions if we sign up late in the season?
    Yes. Sessions are automatically prorated on our website. Sign up for a full session HERE.
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